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“There are so many worthy causes asking for money and yet there is so little guidance for donors with their giving of themselves and their money! With all the tools and techniques available today, there are great opportunities for donors to make a real difference with smart and meaningful giving.”

Have you ever received the gift of someone else’s goodness? Do you remember how it made you feel? I know I do. We are all who we are today because of the love, kindness, and guidance of the many people who poured their lives into us. These acts of generosity and kindness combine to form – for each of us – our life story. Here is my story, with the hope that you can relate to it.

As a youth I grew by the love and support of my parents, teachers, friends, teammates, and coaches. When I entered college at the United States Military Academy at West Point, I embraced the life-long values of discipline, leadership, character, and service to others. The academy's motto “Duty, Honor, Country” became a key cornerstone for my future.

After graduation, marriage, and completion of my military obligation, I joined DuPont and developed and refined project engineering leadership, process control, and team building skills. But I became unsettled— there was something missing!

As my family and personal faith grew, I became more aware of the impact that my wife, Suzette, had as a teacher. Her life’s work was impacting lives! I felt a tugging— a sense that I needed to do more— to help and serve others in a more meaningful way. I earned my graduate degree in business, left DuPont, and established and built my professional practice helping others financially navigate into and through retirement.

But my journey was not over. My clients and mentors inspired me by their generosity, caring, and desire to make a difference.

I also realized that there was a real need in the charitable financial giving landscape— while there are so many worthwhile causes and organizations always asking  for money, there is so little guidance for donors in the giving  of themselves and their money

“I want charitable donors to feel good about their giving, and know that they are really making a difference in their community.”

I founded Aspire to Give® to fill this need. Charitable donors want to give to organizations and causes that are really important to them. Oftentimes, they are just not sure what causes or organizations to give to and how to do it. As a servant leader, I realized the importance of equipping donors with the knowledge and resources so that they can feel really good about, and find meaning with their giving. They want to know that they are making smart giving decisions and that they are really making a difference in their community.

As a concluding thought to my story: while it feels good to receive a person’s kindness and guidance over one’s lifetime, it feels even better to give back and make a difference.

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If you are interested in learning more about Aspire to Give®'s pursuit to advance philanthropy through donor-focused education, social innovation, collaboration, and advocacy, please reach out to Greg Doepke: Greg@AspiretoGive.com

Disclosure: Gregory W. Doepke is an independent investment advisory representative with ACG Advisory Services, Inc. He is the owner and principal of Doepke Financial Advisory, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company that provides comprehensive wealth management, investment advisory and qualified plan consulting services for ACG Advisory Services and The Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc. of Midlothian, Virginia.