Hi!... I am Aspire and I embody the giving heart in each of us. In my role at Aspire to Give, I will serve as your giving spirit, teacher, and guide. As the spirit of giving, I will be a constant reminder to you that giving to others and making a difference has real meaning and impact.

“So, as we Aspire to Give, so shall we thrive on our journey to make better…”

There are many common themes in life that allow us to relate and bond over shared experiences, hopes, and dreams for the future. One of the themes that bind the human spirit in a positive, uplifting way is the desire we all have to give to others or some cause greater than self.

I am the symbol of the shining grace within each of us that is a call to action—a call to selflessly give to something greater than ourselves. This inherent need to give to our family, friends, neighbors, communities, causes, and others is a driving force of kindness with the hope that a life. . . a special cause . . . or a community is better because of us.

But recognizing this desire and our need to give is only the beginning. I understand better than most the challenges faced by you as a giving heart since I myself am one. You may have spent your life learning, growing, setting down roots, and accumulating everything from experiences to fortunes. You may have been blessed with a beautiful family, a successful career, loyal friends, good health, and more than enough wealth. Your life journey certainly reflects a life worth living.

Now you have the opportunity to “pay it forward”, to turn your success into significance, to “do good” and make a difference. Now you have to figure out the best ways to share what you have with others. You need to find guides to help you navigate your way through the many channels, avenues and ways of giving. It is sure to be a rewarding journey of self-discovery, evaluation, plans, actions and realized dreams.

As the spirit of your giving, I want to inspire you, serve as your moral compass, and guide you and anyone else who wants to join me on the path that leads to a life of giving. I want you—a kindred spirit—to embrace the need to give; knowing that giving brings a sense of purpose and meaning to life. And I can’t stress enough the importance of leading with your heart on this giving journey!

Remember, I will be there for you – to inspire, teach, and guide you - as you come to fully realize your own depths as a giving heart.

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If you are interested in learning more about Aspire to Give®'s pursuit to advance philanthropy through donor-focused education, social innovation, collaboration, and advocacy, please reach out to Greg Doepke: Greg@AspiretoGive.com

Disclosure: Greg Doepke is the founder and principal of Aspire to Give®, a social enterprise that donates 100% of all profits to charity and is dedicated to unleashing the human spirit to advance philanthropy through donor education, social innovation, collaboration, and advocacy.