Financial stability allows us to make a living, care for our family, and “do good” by being socially and community engaged. After graduating from Auburn University’s nationally ranked Harbert Business School in Accounting, my career spans a wide array of industries and organizations blending Big Four KPMG pubic accounting, Fortune 500, and entrepreneurial hand-on experiences. My accreditations include Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). These accounting certifications along with advanced certifications in Profit First Cash Flow strategies, QuickBooks, Live Plan business plans and Dave Ramsey personal financial training enable my focus on financial performance and strategic insights; guiding business owners and non-profits to make better choices. I have had the pleasure of leading, training and mentoring others to be community and socially aware. A proactive listener and innovative thought leader, my approach adds immediate benefit by providing the most strategic and practical solutions for business owners, professionals, and families. Using down-to-earth practical insights, I share options, opportunities and best practices - with emphasis on financial consequences , enhancing community support, becoming more socially aware and “doing good”. I greatly enjoy helping others who want to help their community and other people.

It is my hope—my aspiration—that you too will join us, learn, and grow with Aspire to Give®.

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Disclosure: Greg Doepke is the founder and principal of Aspire to Give®, a social enterprise that donates 100% of all profits to charity and is dedicated to unleashing the human spirit to advance philanthropy through donor education, social innovation, collaboration, and advocacy.