• The Charitable Giving Process


The discovery phase is the most important step of the giving process to achieving joy and meaning with your giving. Whether it be through your own self-discovery or guidance from a philanthropy coach, you gain a more complete understanding of what is really important and meaningful to you and the reasons behind your desire to give. Your giving goals are clarified, defined, and the objects of your giving are aligned with your reasons to give. For some, seeking out guidance from a philanthropy coach may be helpful. You have to determine the best route for achieving thoughtful, intentional, and aligned giving, which will provide you with the most reward, personal satisfaction, and meaning while also having the greatest social impact.


With the clarity gained from the discovery phase, you enter the engagement phase. It is during this phase that you assess your situation to determine whether it is straightforward or more complex. For some, the giving may be simple and easy to navigate with little to no guidance from a trusted source. For those with a more complex financial, personal, professional, or family situation, or for those seeking guidance with their giving, a philanthropy coach may be warranted. If a philanthropy coach is enlisted, your engagement agreement with your philanthropy coach clarifies your charitable goals, identifies the roles and expectations of each party, and details the mutually agreed to scope of work and cost. It should be clear and concise.


If your self-assessment from the engagement phase seems straightforward, you may easily recognize your choices with regards to the extent, timing, object, and process of the giving of your time, talent, treasure, or ties without further ado. If you have engaged a philanthropy coach, your giving plan is developed based on your giving goals. Your giving options are compared and reviewed with you based on your personal, financial, professional, and family situation. Based on the scope of coaching, you may implement with ongoing guidance to assure your giving goals are met in a way that is meaningful and impactful. Depending on the scope of work, your philanthropy coaching services may also include periodic reviews and refinements in the future.

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