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As I often say, there is an undisputed need to accelerate philanthropic impact. Recently, on my daily walk, I was reflecting on the role of the media in today’s culture and thought about Steve Jobs’ famous adage, "think different." Steve Jobs’ famous saying applies as much to accelerating philanthropic impact as it does to technology or other sectors of the economy. Let me explain.

Core values and beliefs are the foundation for individuals, families, and any organization, including Aspire to Give® Academy. For effective learning, let me share with you briefly the three core values, or pillars, that serve as the foundation for effective learning for Aspire to Give® Academy.

Most of us have heard this adage many times. Let's take a deeper look at how we can accelerate philanthropic impact and how it applies to our life journey. It starts with our four gifts for giving. We’ve all heard about giving our time, talents, and treasure. We all have a fourth gift that serves as a foundation for the truth of this quote.

When you face a challenge at home, in your career, or in life, do you leverage the power of questions to discover, learn, and reveal possibilities? Do you evaluate how to move forward? With well-structured, specific questions serving as a means of inquiry, we discover the unknown so that we can make smart, more effective choices in our lives.

Did you ever use a magnifying glass to start a fire as a middle-school kid? I can distinctly remember when I was about 13 or 14 years old the thrill of doing just that on a bright sunny day. I thought starting a fire with a leaf with a magnifying glass was so amazing!

Although English was never my strong suit in school, I have come to realize and appreciate the power and impact of the spoken and written word. Words really do matter, and from words—both spoken and written—we craft our perspective of life, society, issues, and yes, our core beliefs and values.

Let’s revisit the concept of philanthropic “circles.” If you are a donor who is fluent with giving vehicles, you understand that the giving circle is a vehicle for financial giving, where a group of individuals pools their money, time, talents, or trust together to give for a specific cause, charity, or outreach project.

Recently, while sipping my morning coffee, I read an article from a higher education publication that listed the skill set needs for college students. One of the skill sets mentioned was the need for digital fluency – “the ability to use technology tools efficiently and effectively.” It was one of those “Aha!” moments that struck me.

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