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As your advisory circle's capable, comfortable, and confident leader, you should seek specific guidance and advice relevant to each of your advisor’s specialized expertise. Depending on your personal, family, business, and financial situation, many professionals may be on your advisory team. Other members may include counselors of various types, insurance professionals, or business attorneys. To keep it simple, let's look at your advisory circle, which may consist of three professional advisors:

“Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” – John C. Maxwell. This is one of my favorite quotes from John C. Maxwell, the best-selling leadership guru who has sold over 34 million books in 50 languages. It is concise, clear, simple, and easily understood.

With your learning, wisdom, and life experience, you've learned about your intention to give. It is by the example you set, beginning with your thoughts, then the words you speak, and finally, the actions you take that influence others.

As a former college athlete and a big fan of college sports – specifically, lacrosse and football – I like to use sports metaphors in conversations. For example, the word timeout is taken from sports. Or, if something is easy, it is a “slam dunk,” or a fantastic success is a “home run.” Let me introduce you to another sports metaphor - the concept of “life’s halftime.” Let me explain.

Do you recall your kindergarten teacher? How about your children’s kindergarten teachers? Kindergarten teachers are very special indeed. They teach innocent 5-year-olds to play together, introduce them to the love of learning, and communicate the basics of their educational journey.

Core values and beliefs are the foundation for individuals, families, and any organization, including Aspire to Give® Academy. For effective learning, let me share with you briefly the three core values, or pillars, that serve as the foundation for effective learning for Aspire to Give® Academy.

Most of us have heard this adage many times. Let's take a deeper look at how we can accelerate philanthropic impact and how it applies to our life journey. It starts with our four gifts for giving. We’ve all heard about giving our time, talents, and treasure. We all have a fourth gift that serves as a foundation for the truth of this quote.

When you face a challenge at home, in your career, or in life, do you leverage the power of questions to discover, learn, and reveal possibilities? Do you evaluate how to move forward? With well-structured, specific questions serving as a means of inquiry, we discover the unknown so that we can make smart, more effective choices in our lives.

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Disclosure: Aspire to Give® is a social enterprise that donates 100% of profits to charity.