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Welcome to our blog! In the new era of philanthropy, the individual donor is emerging as the the critical component to addressing our community and social challenges. In the past it has been the nonprofit and government that has been the “solution provider” . We want you, the donor, to understand the three major benefits you will receive from this blog. This blog and topics we will address in future blogs -with a new blog published every two weeks - will benefit you, the donor (and grantors as well), in making wiser, more effective financial giving decisions. This blog, and all subsequent blogs, will:

  1. Focus on you, the Donor and Your Financial Giving
  2. Empower You through Education
  3. Provide You with Leading-edge Thinking

Let’s look at each of these 3 donor benefits in more detail:

1. Focus on You; the Donor (Grantor) and Your Financial Giving: First, this blog is Donor focused - those that are giving (“granting”) financial resources to make a positive social impact. I am sure you can relate to this - everytime I go out to my mailbox, it seems that there is a solicitation of some kind to give money. There are so many worthwhile (and some not so) charitable organizations ASKING for money but there is very little independent, unbiased guidance for those GIVING the money. In the rest of our financial spending lives, we look at the value of something and then assess the value for what we are getting. As with any financial exchange, whether that be at the grocery store, buying a new car, or in the case of financial donors - financial (“charitable” giving) - we typically know the price, know the amount, and determine whether or not we are receiving value for the financial exchange. In the world of philanthropy, this is where the individual donor has been left behind. They are pretty much left on their own to figure out how much to “pay” (donate) and what their “value” is for their financial giving. This blog will focus on you, the DONOR, not the organization or mission asking for your financial donations. It will provide you with independent and unbiased insights, tips, and information that you can use in making wiser, more effective financial decisions so that YOU can make a greater impact in support of the causes that are important to you.

2. Empower You through Education: This blog’s 2nd benefit to you is that it will provide you, the donor, with the knowledge, tips, tools, and techniques that will empower you to ask the “right questions” and get the answers that are important to you. With increased awareness and knowledge, you can then make better, smarter, more informed financial giving decisions. Currently, nonprofit “marketing” and solicitation is highly tilted to be an emotional appeal; hoping that you, the donor, will find the personal appeal to you of “value” so that you will give money. Almost all small and medium nonprofits ask for donations from their – the organizational – perspective NOT your – the donor’s perspective. Even larger nonprofits, with their “development” and “planned giving” resources are focused - as they should be– on the organization's needs. These needs may or may not be aligned with your needs. This blog will empower you, the donor, to become more informed, questioning, and focused on your financial giving to obtain your charitable goals.

3. Provide you with Leading-Edge Philanthropic Thinking: The 3rd way this blog will benefit you, the donor, is by providing you with leading-edge philanthropic thinking on the new tools and techniques that are emerging in this new philanthropic frontier. The philanthropy sector, by nature, is slow to change. We have developed expectations and understand and operate within the “silos” of the various sectors— nonprofits, for-profits (business), government, and education. Just look around though - change is everywhere !. Driven by technology, we see change driven by technology; whether that be in the “sharing” economy (UBER), getting current information easily and quickly (SIRI, ALEXA, etc), or for accessing resources (Taskrabbit, etc). These changes in our lives, driven by technology, are also impacting philanthropy. In this blog, we will share with you emerging trends and how they will benefit you with your financial giving. Not only will we cover “traditional” philanthropic tools and techniques, we will provide you, the donor, with the latest thinking on incorporating impact investing, social entrepreneurship, hybrid organizations (ex: B Corp, L3C, etc), and community development philanthropy as part of your financial giving considerations. This leading edge philanthropic thinking and many other emerging philanthropic trends, tools and techniques will help you become smarter and more effective in your financial giving.


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