There is much to think about when it comes to giving—when it’s time to travel on the road to smart, intentional giving—some may find it best to turn to a trusted guide for help along the way. At Aspire to Give, it is our mission to educate and equip donors with the knowledge and tools to give generously because they feel they must give.

To help you as a giving heart expand your understanding of what your personal giving journey could be, we’d like to introduce you to Aspire—a trusted guide in her own right. Aspire is the very being of a giving heart.

Without further ado, meet Aspire!!

Hi! I’m Aspire. I am your giving heart. Like you, I love to give to others—and it’s something I have always done. But I am now at a point in my life where I have the opportunity to do more! I have learned much on my life’s journey thus far and as I transition into a new stage of life, I realize giving sounds so easy but I can do more good for my family, to serve others, and to help causes that are important to me.

As a caring heart—like you—I want my giving to be well thought out, special, beneficial for others, and meaningful. Even though I have been giving my whole life, I know I can do better—and I want to share some tools and tips I have picked up along my own giving journey so far.

You know that feeling you get when you do something kind when you give—even the smallest thing—to someone, to something other than yourself? It’s a good feeling—a warm, fuzzy feeling. And it’s an added bonus when you give! Giving isn’t about you—it’s about others. It’s about lending a helping hand. It’s about working together to improve something. It’s about shared experiences and bringing people together with common goals to do social good in a positive, uplifting way.

Giving is understanding the emotional pull—your heart—to invest in something that’s important to you and acknowledging you must engage the pragmatic side of yourself—your head—to do so in a smart, effective way. We can number that tip #1—listen to your giving heart and engage your thinking head—when it comes to mapping out your giving. ?

Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll go ahead and share tip #2—think outside the box. Sometimes when we think of giving, we think of only one or two ways like a charitable donation or volunteering—but, there are many ways to give which we will share in these blog posts.

Like you, it is my goal to be a better philanthropist—a better giver to something outside of self. Together we will learn, grow, and find new ways to do some good and help others too! Along the way, we will discover our passions, envision our future, create a path forward, and make sure we deliver. Sounds fun, right?

Join me on this giving adventure that will lead to beneficial and meaningful life moments!

With the Spirit of Giving,

Love Aspire

Now that we have introduced Aspire, we hope you enjoy seeing her appear in many aspects of Aspire to Give as a central character of our common giving spirit. Aspire will exemplify what it means to be a giving heart in today’s world and she will help you become a better giving heart. Aspire will be your guide in our upcoming donor-centric courses that will help you—the donor—be smarter and more effective with your generosity. Our first course, “Aspire to Give: 5 Steps to Unleash Your Giving Heart,” will be coming soon along with my soon-to-be-released book “Aspire to Give: How to Create a More Meaningful Life Through Your Giving,” as well as additional blogs, articles, and products. Stay Tuned!

This is an exciting time at Aspire to Give and for the many of you on the cusp of retirement to start a new, fun, and meaningful chapter of life!

Let’s do some good!


Coming Next: Giving & the Concentric Circles of our Relationships


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