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Core values and beliefs are the foundation for individuals, families, and any organization, including Aspire to Give® Academy. For effective learning, let me share with you briefly the three core values, or pillars, that serve as the foundation for effective learning for Aspire to Give® Academy.

These three pillars are baked into each course. These three pillars all start with "P":

  1. They are personal.
  2. They are positive.
  3. They are probing.

Let's look at each of these in more detail.

Pillar 1: They are personal.

This pillar is a “flip the script" approach to the role of the individual. The individual in today's society is the object of unsolicited advice, opinions, biases, and solicitations. The media constantly bombards them.

We flip the script and view these topics through the eyes of the individual. The individual becomes the focus, and things are considered through the individual’s viewpoint and tailored to their own personal, family, and financial situation. Each course, each exercise, and each tool are viewed through the eyes of the individual so that they can make wise decisions for the family and their favorite causes. They become empowered, competent, and capable.

Pillar 2: They are positive.

This is a significant paradigm shift in the approach or the spirit of engaging with others. Many reflect negativity and criticism of individuals’ policies, institutions, and organizations.

The courses from Aspire to Give® Academy embrace an appreciative spirit that is positive, life-giving, and hopeful for a better tomorrow. It appreciates and values each individual, recognizing that each life experience is unique. It is strengths-based in that it helps individuals identify their strengths among the four gifts of time, talent, treasure, and trust, helping bring them meaning and impact with the gifts they carry. With this upbeat, appreciative approach, they gain meaning and better, wiser choices for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Pillar 3: They are probing.

Each course of the learning series embraces the proven inquiry-based learning process. The inquiry-based learning process was introduced in schools in the 1960s to engage and motivate students with directed, intentional, structured questioning that helps them learn, apply, and develop critical thinking skills. Aspire to Give® Academy’s inquiry-based learning, when used with pillars one and two, results in positive, appreciative questioning tailored to personal, family, and financial situations.

These three pillars: 1. Personal 2. Positive, and 3. Probing together serves as a foundation for all the course content and engages the individual in assessing their situation positively. It is strengths-based and appreciative, recognizing that each individual has a different viewpoint, different strengths amongst their time, talents, treasure, and trusted relationships, and are asked tailored questions that help elicit positive possibilities for the future of their families and to help them find meaning and impact in their lives.

Let’s do some good!


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