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Do you recall your kindergarten teacher? How about your children’s kindergarten teachers? Kindergarten teachers are very special indeed. They teach innocent 5-year-olds to play together, introduce them to the love of learning, and communicate the basics of their educational journey. Kindergarten teachers have the heart of Aspire. They are kind leaders who unleash the quest and passion for learning and appreciate the inherent goodness of the innocent 5-year-old child.

So, as we begin our life journey, we each become subject to good and bad influences that steer us on one path or another. This path brings us to Aspire's vision of the future, where we can reignite and unleash the generosity and learning inherent in each of us.

Let's look at three main obstacles to unleashing generosity, individually or as an organization.

  • Thinking differently.
  • Making the invisible visible.
  • Change.

Let's touch on each of these briefly.

1. Thinking differently.

Like the inherent goodness and innocence of the 5-year-old kindergartner, we need help to unleash our gifts for giving. As shared in other blogs, we are philanthropists who care about something or someone greater than ourselves. We all have a blended uniqueness of time, talents, treasure, and trusted relationships. We need to recognize them and be more proactive and intentional in unleashing them from within ourselves and from others.

2. Making the invisible visible.

The concept of unleashing our inherent goodness comes with years of experience. Just like a professional kindergarten teacher unleashes the hopes and dreams of leading their children, each parent, teacher, mentor, coach, or other people of influence are motivated to lead others to better themselves. They call out the invisible gifts they see in others to help them grow to become visible instruments to do good in the world.

3. Change.

We all know change is hard. We all get into routines that make us comfortable. We are influenced by education, life experience, relationships with others, and those who guide and mentor us. It isn’t easy to open oneself to new ideas, perspectives, and a willingness to entertain individual differences. Yes, change is hard.

In summary, great teachers unlock your generosity and your goodness. Despite the vision for giving, sometimes the brick walls of change prevent civil discourse, appreciation of differences, lack of societal awareness, and the feeling that “it is not about me.”

Aspire’s vision is to unleash each individual's inherent goodness, regardless of age, role, background, or unique gifts for giving. The idea remains in Aspire, with her kind, generous heart of the kindergarten teacher. She strives to unlock and release the human spirit to do good despite obstacles.

Let's do some good!


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