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Learn about the ever-changing philanthropic landscape in insightful, easily accessible sessions.

Leave a Legacy of Love Online Short Course

Learn to share life's themes, values, and beliefs with your loved ones in ways that will last. This course helps you organize personal, health, financial, and estate affairs, and convey your wishes while living and at death. You will also clarify philanthropic intent for the causes you are passionate about.

Leave a Legacy of Love: Bundle

Get the short course and digital download together in our bundle, perfect for anyone that has experienced the death of a loved one and wants to learn and grow from their experience to ease and simplify the life transition. This is an ideal gift to aging parents to help them organize their personal, financial, legal, and estate affairs and convey their wishes, wants, and intentions for their families.

The Philanthropic Frontier Online Short Course

The Philanthropic Frontier short course is designed to empower individuals to unleash their generosity and create a better future. This course focuses on understanding the seven features of the philanthropic frontier where participants will gain the knowledge and tools they need to make a beneficial social impact through their generosity.

Download Library

Delve deeper into your personal giving potential with insightful journeys in self-discovery, and illuminating strategies to help you achieve your aspirations to put forth social good.

Love Letters Book Digital Download

The companion resource to our online course, Love Letters to My Family conveys love through sharing personal life-journey themes, lessons learned, aspirations, special causes, and practical guidance. It's a true gift of love, to help preserve a legacy that your loved ones can cherish for years to come.

5 Keys Book Digital Download

As an introduction to The Aspirational Philanthropist Learning Series℠, The 5 Keys to Unlock Donor Generosity equips caring people, altruists, and the aspirational philanthropist with a basic understanding of generosity that unleashes their embedded potential to give to their family and special causes.

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Disclosure: Aspire to Give® is a social enterprise that donates 100% of profits to charity.