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Opportunity Alabama (“OPAL”) is the leader in social impact investing to develop and transform distressed, designated communities in Alabama. This organization is for those donors and other community stakeholders that seek hometown, life and economically transforming investing opportunities. Each state has opportunities zones. Click Here to learn about your state.

Harnessing the power of Opportunity Zones to transform Alabama

Opportunity Alabama – or OPAL, as we like to call it – is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to driving capital into our distressed communities. Our primary focus is on capital formation in Opportunity Zones – 158 Census tracts distributed across all 67 counties in Alabama. We have a comprehensive strategy to turn Alabama into a national epicenter for Opportunity Zone-driven investment – and, in the process, lay the groundwork to ignite place-based economic development revolution across the state.

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Disclosure: Greg Doepke is the founder and principal of Aspire to Give®, a social enterprise that donates 100% of profits to charity.