• Social Sharing for Societal Solutions

    Aspire to Give® innovates with others to accelerate social impact.
Social Sharing Venn Diagram
Social Sharing Venn Diagram

“Alone We Can Do So Little.
Together We Can Do So Much.”

—Helen Keller

With its mission to inspire and unleash generosity, Aspire to Give® innovates with like-minded organizations to accelerate social impact through education, collaboration, technology, and social entrepreneurship. Collectively, each organization recognizes, appreciates, and contributes its unique strengths to innovate to meet local community challenges.

  • Align core values of education and innovation
  • Contribute recognized organizational strengths
  • Engage with 2,3 or 4 other organizations¹
  • Collaborate for innovative strategy & implementation
  • Measure results (social return on investment; “SROI”)

Organizations may include academia, foundations, businesses, benefit corporations, nonprofits, government, and civic groups, with each organization contributing its strengths to innovate for the common good. Our community team is enthusiastically embracing a social innovation strategy that involves, values, and appreciates everyone. We look forward to your involvement in this positive and enlightening experience!

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Disclosure: Aspire to Give® is a social enterprise that donates 100% of profits to charity.