• We Equip You

    We equip you with the roadmap, approach, knowledge, and questioning tools.

The Learning Roadmap

You are equipped with the roadmap (“GPS”) that follows these five steps.



Discover and align your passion, purpose, and personal gifts


Envision your goals to thrive and make a social impact.


Create your giving plan to achieve your donor goals.


Implement your giving plan through conversations, actions, & documents.


You have created lasting life legacies of meaning and impact!

The Appreciative Approach

Each course of the learning series embraces the altruistic, appreciative, caring, respectful approach to discovering, understanding, and unearthing positive possibilities. This embedded spirit is always positive, life-giving, and accepting. It seeks to understand without judgment and values each individual’s unique strengths to engage family, nonprofits, and professional advisors in meaningful conversations. The appreciative approach is a core tenet and is deeply ingrained in the learning series.

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Knowledge and Skills

You are equipped with the know-how to release your giving potential:

  • How to spark and unleash your untapped potential to do more good.
  • How to engage and collaborate with your four circles of influence.
  • How to find meaning, passion, and strengths in your personal stories.
  • How 15 financial giving tools and strategies may benefit your family and special causes.
  • How to draft your tailored strategy of generosity.
  • How to find exemplary nonprofits with a comprehensive 8-topic checklist.
  • How to transition a successful life to a life of meaningful significance and impact.
  • How to share your love, aspirations, and intentions with family love letters.

Questioning Toolkit

As part of the inquiry-based learning process, you are equipped with a questioning toolkit of methods and the language fluency to comfortably and confidently engage in effective conversations with your family and your advisors. Your questioning toolkit empowers you to:

  • Engage others with philanthropic fluency
  • Frame & structure complex situations
  • Discover deep-seated reasons & motivations
  • Align personal passions and positives with your purpose.
  • Build and enhance relationships
  • Identify new possibilities
  • Assess transparency and disclosure
  • Share through meaningful conversations

Understanding of the Philanthropic Frontier

You are equipped with an understanding of the changing tools, techniques, and strategies of the changing philanthropic frontier to include:

  • Local community impact investing
  • The emergence of public benefit corporations
  • The various types of social enterprises
  • Accelerating philanthropic impact with technology
  • Collaborative initiatives to advance philanthropic impact

Learn to Make a Difference

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Disclosure: Aspire to Give® is a social enterprise that donates 100% of profits to charity.