• Nonprofits, Fundraising & Development Professionals

Unleash Greater Generosity Through Engagement and Trust.

As a nonprofit or a fundraising or development professional, you constantly seek out, connect with, and cultivate potential financial donors who will support your cause or school. You understand people give for their reasons—not yours—and that engaging, cultivating, and soliciting individuals is a relationship business—a “trust” business.

Unleashing generosity takes time. As a professional, you are looking for ways to accelerate the financial gifting of your supporters. You want to improve your own trust-building skills and knowledge to provide better guidance for donors.

Through our educational programs and resources, Aspire to Give® Academy equips nonprofits and professional and development professionals with the process and know-how to engage and understand what motivates people effectively. With a roadmap in hand, you engage in more meaningful conversations with donors to gain their trust and unleash their generosity.

Learn to Make a Difference

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Disclosure: Aspire to Give® is a social enterprise that donates 100% of profits to charity.